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Best Foreign Forex Broker

Choosing a forex broker can not be done carelessly. There are many parameters that need to be considered because the quality of the broker is directly related to the security of the funds and the smooth running of your trading. Among the many choices of forex brokers currently available, external products are superior variants.

Why Foreign Forex Brokers?
Alternative trading on foreign forex brokers is often chosen by traders who want freedom of trading in the real sense. Since CoFTRA announced several new rules limiting Indonesian brokerage services, foreign forex brokers have become ideal turning points.

That is because, foreign forex service brokers have almost no limits at all (depending on the regulator that shelves it). Traders can open accounts with leverage higher than 1: 500, can pay only one of spreads and commissions, and get lot trading options that reach micro, even nano.

This fact is of course very different from the condition of the Indonesian forex broker, which still requires traders to pay spreads + commissions, and is unable to provide lower lot conditions than mini lots,

Choosing the Best Foreign Forex Broker
The first consideration in determining the best foreign exchange broker is regulation, because these aspects are related to the security of the broker.

You can prioritize brokers whose regulations are clear, and have obtained licenses from credible regulators such as:
-CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) of the United States
-NFA (National Futures Association) United States
-FSA (Financial Services Authority) European and Japanese countries
-FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) UK,
-FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority) Switzerland
-ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission) Australia
-FMA (Financial Markets Authority) New Zealand
regulation of the best forex brokers
The above institutions have been tested and proven to be able to determine strict regulations for each broker who is under their membership. A credible regulatory body will also be reluctant to impose strict penalties on its members who are proven to have committed violations. In addition, traders can report to the regulatory body if the broker is proven to carry out actions that intentionally harm him.

The next consideration point for choosing the best foreign forex broker is his experience.

The more hours a broker flies, the more reliable the service is.

Forex brokers that are able to last long automatically have proven to have a service that satisfies its clients, so that it can be the choice of many traders and their business can continue to operate for a long time.

Then, there are elements of trading specifications that can vary for each trader. In this case, the choice of the best foreign forex broker needs to be dropped on the type of broker that is able to accommodate the trading needs and convenience of each trader. For example, scalper traders need to prioritize forex brokers with low spreads and fast execution. On the other hand, EA user traders really need a broker that provides the best automated trading facilities.

Forex broker specifications

The last element that is rarely considered but actually important is special support for Indonesian traders . Many regulated brokers from developed countries are in fact very unfriendly to Indonesian traders . They do not have support in Indonesian, and only provide trading conditions and payment methods that are relatively burdensome to the convenience of traders in this country.

For the sake of ease of registration, verification, trading, and other transactions, it is better to choose a regulated broker who has adjusted his services to the characteristics and needs of Indonesian traders, or at least has begun to expand in this country. Some broker choices that can be taken into account are IG, FXCM, FastBrokers, Hirose, IC Markets, FxPro, ThinkMarkets, VantageFX, Forex.com, OANDA, ETX Capital, and many more.

What about Offshore State Regulated Brokers?
Admittedly or not, foreign forex brokers who get licenses from credible regulators tend to be 'stiff' in providing trading facilities. This can be traced to the regulations of each regulator, which for security reasons, does not allow member brokers to give too high leverage, or provide deposit-withdrawals with third parties.

But often, the ease of things that are limited is precisely what traders look for. Some are looking for high leverage because they want to have big opportunities with small capital, some do not want to be bothered with conventional payment methods that tend to be long, convoluted, and expensive.

That is why, regulated forex brokers are offshore countries, such as CySEC Cyprus, Malta FSA, Belize IFSC, etc. be an attractive choice. Although the standard can be said to be not as high as regulated brokers in developed countries, but that does not mean you cannot maintain the security of trading with offshore brokers . One useful tip if you want to trade in a foreign forex broker like that is, don't place large amounts of capital, and withdraw profits regularly.

offshore forex trading

That way, the risk of fraud that offshore regulators cannot cover will not overload your trading. If later the trading profits have been collected and your expertise has been honed, then you can then register at the best foreign forex broker whose regulatory credibility is guaranteed.

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