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Unexpected! It turns out that there are 28 more problematic Forex brokers

Troubled Forex Brokers - Currently the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency or CoFTRA has obtained a number of illegal forex brokers running operations in Indonesia. This forex broker is considered to violate the rules and provisions of Law No.10 of 2011 concerning the Commodity Futures Trading.

If the above provisions are violated, the forex broker can get a maximum sentence of 10 years and must pay a fine of Rp. 20 billion.

As a trader in the forex market, you should be more vigilant with forex brokers operating illegally.

On this occasion, we will try to explain about 28 forex brokers that are considered illegal brokers by Bappebti.

Troubled Forex Broker
See the explanation below.

Problematic Forex Brokers in Indonesia
  1. The first forex broker named PT Central Asset International located in Jakarta and trading foreign exchange.
  2. Furthermore, there is PT AFS Global R, located in Jakarta, which offers forex products for traders.
  3. Third, there is a forex broker located in Sampoerna Strategic Square, Jakarta, which also trades on the forex market.
  4. The fourth is PT Skyeast Investama Corporation which trades indexes, CFDs, and forex.
  5. Still located in Jakarta, there is also a forex broker named PT Capital Trade Int'l who trades on the forex market.
  6. The sixth forex broker is located in Denpasar, Bali and has the name PT IKO Fx.
  7. PT Mondial International is trading in the forex market and having its address in Jakarta
  8. Furthermore, there is PT MIG which is also located in Jakarta
  9. PT.Amasis located in the Jakarta Tower Stock Exchange Building, Jakarta
  10. Not only in Jakarta, there is also a fraudulent forex broker located in Surakarta named PT Tazkia Mitra Mulia.
  11. There is also PT Howard, located in Kuningan, South Jakarta.
  12. Towards Central Java, CV Sinar Sejahtera, located in Wonosobo, has received reports and complaints from its customers.
  13. Troubled Forex Brokers: FXOpen Investment Inc. is in Menara BCA, Jakarta, which also trades forex
  14. Still in the same location, there is the Jakarta Forex Master located in the CBD Area Artha Graha Building.
  15. There is also a Master Forex Bandung located on Jalan Pasarkaliki, Bandung. This company has not received complaints from customers, but Bappebti has given a warning.
  16. Not only that, there are also Forex Masters located in Yogyakarta. This company is a brokerage agent from Russia.
  17. Master of Forex Tasikmalaya in Tasikmalaya, West Java.
  18. The Surabaya Forex Master is located in the Bumi Mandiri Tower Building.
  19. Master of Forex Borneo located in Pontianak, West Kalimantan. It's just that this company has not received complaints from customers.
  20. Then, there is the Master Forex Sumatra Training Center, located at Mandiri Building, Medan.
  21. Heading to Malang City, East Java there is a forex broker named BCAFx. BCAfx is an Introducing Broker (IB) from Instaforex company from Russia.
  22. Surabaya Forex at the SFX Center, Surabaya.
  23. There is also a forex broker that already has 13 branches, namely PT Cahaya Forex Yogyakarta. The owner of this company has been arrested and sentenced by the Yogyakarta Regional Police. This company uses a public fund collection scheme to be traded on the currency market. The problem is that the scheme they are running has not been regulated further in the Act.
  24. The company that is in Pontianak and named PT Virgin Gold MC has received complaints from the public. This company is also known as Virgin Gold Mining Corporation, which claims to be an investment company engaged in the gold precious metal mining business. They are able to attract the interest of the community by promising multiple profits in just a short time.
  25. We return to Sumatra, precisely the City of Miners, namely PT Fatrial Member which is a forex company. This company has a business model by depositing a sum of money with interest of up to 7% per month which will be paid every 3rd.
  26. Still in Pelambang, there is also PT Smart Investment Mandiri.
  27. Not only that, there is also PT Satrian Investment, which is located the same, namely in Pelambang.
  28. The last forex company is engaged in forex trading called PT Pioneer Investment located in Palembang as well.
The important thing to note is that in addition to the 28 names we mentioned above, there are still dozens of other companies that carry out operations without the permission of the regulator. Most of the brokerage companies we mentioned above carry out Money Game or Ponzi schemes which are also called the High Yield Investment Program .

With the information above, it is expected that you can be more vigilant when trading in the forex market. We recommend that you select a forex broker that has obtained regulations and permission from the authorities. It can increase the feeling of comfort and security when transacting in the forex market.

Troubled Forex Broker

You can also read other articles about how to have a qualified and trusted forex broker to complete the discussion above. This is useful so that you get a broker who can truly provide future profits, not with the Troubled Forex Broker who will instead plunge your money trading .

We hope that the problematic Forex Broker information in Indonesia above can provide many benefits and inspiration to all of you who have read it. If you still have questions to ask, you can ask us through the comments column below.

Good luck!

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