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The Best Forex Broker in the World

Currently the forex market is arguably very tight competition, so you may have difficulty in choosing the best forex broker in the world, maybe you are not enough if you only know about forex trading or strategies to be successful in looking for a forex business profit. Maybe the majority of you use internet access in conducting online forex trading business , new technology updates should be offered to forex brokers which are of course related to currency trading, because with currency trading quickly and real time that can function properly, therefore the following I will explain some tips or ways to choose the best Forex Broker in the World .

Demo account, Forex Brokers should recommend a demo account to be used by any beginner trader. Account demo is useful to get a real trading atmosphere without investing with a large amount or your risk before starting forex trading to a regular trading account. You can use a demo account so that you can get a sense of confidence and to get comfortable in Forex trading . Next will be provided details and instructions that will be offered to you that must be followed, if you feel confident with one of the best Forex Brokers then you can switch real accounts to trade.

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Recommended spreads, spreads are the difference in selling and buying prices on the currency of the forex broker offered. You can buy as much as ask and sell in the Bid, if the spread width indicates if the broker can generate more profits, but if the spread is narrow you can save money in more money, if you open a clear position you will be charged a spread and it will be an advantage for forex brokers if there is a price difference, this spread can be the best forex broker that benefits you.

Regulation, you should be looking for the best forex broker or a qualified (trusted) forex broker that already has a clear legal institution or has regulations. You should choose the best world forex broker with NFA regulations from the United States or UK FCA, because of the two regulations that are so clear and brokers who have obtained regulations in other words the two regulations have passed the requirements strictly. You have to choose a trusted forex broker that can give you security in trading, including EXNESS because you already have FCA UK regulations from the UK and so many clients from all over the world trust you.

World's Best Forex Broker Recommendations 
BrokerInfoRegulationAccept US TradersLink Open Account
OctaFXSpread: Floating, starting from 0 pips
Leverage: 1: 500
Min. Deposit: $ 5
Promo: 50% Bonus for Every Deposit, fixed rupiah 1 USD = 10,000 IDR, Motorcycle Prizes Every Week, OctaFX Merchandise 
IFSA (St. Vincent and Grenadines), 19776 IBC 2011
Open AccountRead Review
FBSSpread: Starting at 0 pips
Leverage: 1: 2000
Min. Deposit: $ 1
Promo: 100% Deposit Bonus 
Regulated by CySEC, IFSC, CRFIN.
Open AccountRead Review
XMSpread: Starting 0.1 Pip
Leverage: 1: 888
Min. Deposit: $ 5
Promo: 15% Instant Bonus 
Regulated by IFSC, FCA UK, CySEC, BaFin, ASIC
Open AccountRead Review
InstaforexSpread: 3 Pips (Fixed)
Leverage: 1: 1000
Min. Deposit: $ 1
Promo: 30% Deposit Bonus 
Open AccountRead Review
FXOpen UKSpread: Start 0 Pip
Leverage: 1: 500
Min. Deposit: $ 300
Regulated by FCA UK
Open AccountRead Review
ExnessSpread: Start 0.1 Pip
Leverage: 1: 2000
Min. Deposit: $ 1
Regulated By CRFIN (Russia), FCA UK and CySEC
Open AccountRead Review
Monex Investindo Futures (MIFX.com)Spread: Starting from 0.2 Pip
Leverage: 1: 100
Min. Deposit: IDR 5,000,000
Promo: Not Available 
Open AccountRead Review
TickmillSpread: Starting at 0 pips
Leverage: 1: 500
Min. Deposit: $ 25
Regulated by FCA UK, FSA (Seychelles)
Open AccountRead Review
Gainscope / FXDD IndonesiaSpread: Starting from 0 pips
Leverage: 1: 400
Min. Deposit: $ 250
Promo: Not Available 
CFTC, NFA, MFSAUSA AllowedOpen AccountRead Review

Forex Trading Tools, the provision of comprehensive tools is something that must be given by every Forex broker, for example currency charting prices in real time, tools for technical analysis, basic analysis and economic comments, in other words you need these tools in order to be able to trade forex well.

Stop Order or Limit, there is so much competition in the forex broker (trading), with various offers and guarantees for each stop order and limit order, you are required to enter into minute details for all the time in order to know the extent of the guarantee they about certainty, is it about NFP news and how long does it apply? so you are not mistaken in choosing the best forex brokers in the world and Indonesia.

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Help Services, besides that it is important to choose the best forex broker that can provide support and eliminate doubts for every one you need a brokerage system. More precisely if you are looking for a system that you can easily get through many accesses such as telephone access, helpdesk support, forums and e-mail.

Security, the main criterion that you must have from the best forex brokers is security, of course you will not give a relatively large amount of money to someone who claims to have been legally registered, of course you will check and analyze the forex broker to a legal entity concerned. In all the world there are legal agencies that have registered with regard to the legal status or not of a forex broker. As your knowledge, I provide the relevant legal entity and its country: Indonesia (BAPPEBTI, BBJ and KBI), United States (NFA and CFTC), United Kingdom (FCA), Switzerland (SFBC), Germany (BaFIN), France (AMF). It's good before you give your money to a forex broker, make sure to make sure that the broker is registered with a legal entity.

Transaction fees of any type of trader, of course, you will be charged a transaction rate in the difference between the price of the buy-sell transaction or commission for each transaction. So that it becomes the thing you are considering so that the amount of costs that you will incur is not so big, but there are times when you have to ignore the lower transaction rates for those of you who prioritize the trust of forex brokers. If you need a low spread fee for this type of trading, you must consider the various options. The balance of low transaction rates with security factors is the most important thing.

Withdrawals of funds and deposits, the best forex brokers will definitely make it easy for you to make deposits and withdraw funds, forex bro should not have a reason for you to complicate the process of withdrawal of funds and profits, because basically saving funds owned by you is just doing buying and selling forex trading.

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Platform, in online forex trading most trading activities are carried out via a trading platform on your forex broker that has been provided before. In other words if the platform should be easy to use and stable, when you choose or determine the best forex broker then all you have to do is analyze the provided forex trading platform, whether the platform provides news feeds or economic news, price charts or charting tools that can be understood as well as other information in helping you in trading.

One of the Best Forex Trading Platforms is Metatrader .

Order Execution or Order Fulfillment, all forex brokers are required to fulfill their client orders at the right price. When the market is in a normal situation, the forex broker must fulfill orders from the client, or at least approach when the client sees the market price on their computer by pressing the button (buy or sell). For example, when you press the (buy or sell) button EUR or USD at 1.3000, your order must be fulfilled at that price, or at least the price close to that price. The most important factor when you place an order is speed, especially if you are a scalper. The price difference or even the small amount can make it difficult for you to achieve profit.

Of all the best forex broker trading systems, you are required to concentrate and maintain risk and selective money management. Besides that your capacity is the most important thing in determining the success or failure of future forex broker trading.

Source of Information for Forex Brokers: Brokerforex.info

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